2013 - Video installation



The artist recorded a self portrait with his webcam and uploaded it to the Internet. Twelve different people captured the video from their computer screen at home. Through the use of different cameras and frames, the image and sound were transformed gradually, reflecting the conditions in which they were recorded. Eventually nothing but a grainy and abstract form remains from what used to be a recognizable human face while the soundtracks of the various recordings superimpose each other, blurring into a continuous stream of noise.

The installation consists of one video projection placed face to face with a camcorder. A montage of the different versions of the self-portrait is projected while the persons that were filming them are shown simultaneously on the display screen of the camcorder.


02 /2014 Carte de Visite, ARTopenKUNST, Brussels (BE)
11 /2013 group exhibition, Het Anker, Brussels (BE)