2013 - Video installation



AC TRANSIT BUS FIGHT presents a succession of talking heads that all respond to one video that was uploaded to the Internet some 3 years ago and has since then become a massive viral hit resulting in over 6 million views and a wealth of responses and remixes. As the narrative unfolds, the facts give way to a discourse that lays bare the contradictions and conflicts of the society through which it was formed. Placing itself in the space between documentary and fiction, this work examines the relationship between reality and its representation through verbal and visual accounts. The supposed truthfulness of the found footage is undercut by the overt manipulation of the narrative montage. Emphasizing the materiality of the video, the rawness of image and sound becomes both a signifier of authenticity and a bearer of meaning in its own right.


03/ 2015 Screening Scholarship Media Festival, University of Pennsylvania (US)
07/ 2014 Under the Underground, The PICTURE Show, New York (US)
02 /2014 Digital Storytelling, Directors Lounge, Berlin (DE)
09 /2013 Jonge Turken, C-mine cultuurcentrum, Genk (BE)