2023 - Paragraph One of BEING A CREATOR

YOUR STORY WILL BE DIFFERENT FROM MINE is the first paragraph of the new video essay by the Brussels based artist collective TRIPOT, which will deal with reproductive labour, female anger and inclusive feminism. Audiovisual artist and researcher Aïlien Reyns (Univ. Antwerp) reflects on her search and fight for inclusive reproductive labour and rights in this video letter to her daughter. We hear the female voice-over formulate and compose her own thoughts; referring to contemporary theory on the politics of reproduction while articulating feminist anger as well as its necessary fictions.

This new audiovisual production has received funding by The Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) and is currently being developed as continuation of the research initiated with our current film SKIN PLEASURE (distribution since may 2022) and the Solo exhibition ‘Tools for Reproductive Labour’ (Bruges, 2019).