In 2012 audiovisual artists Aïlien Reyns and Marius Packbier started their collaboration TRIPOT to produce audiovisual artwork on the crossroads of societal critique, academic research and innovative narrative and audiovisual techniques. When in 2016 TRIPOT became a foundation, the groundwork was laid to become a broader and international artistic platform that in addition to the creation of its own work supports the production of fellow artists’ projects.

The artist duo developed an oeuvre that is characterized by its interdisciplinary research methods and recurring topics such as migration, public/private space, ethnic/gender discourse and digital communication. The artists delve into constitutive structures and textual characteristics of digital media, thereby aiming to disentangle the relationship between perception, technology and the audiovisual medium.



2018 Raversyde, Oostende (BE)
2018 De Markten, Brussels (BE)
2018 Argos, Brussels (BE)
2018 La Cité Miroir, Liège (BE)
2017 C-Mine, Genk (BE)
2017 Schunck*, Heerlen (NL)
2017 Neuer Aachener Kunstverein (DE)
2016 Interference – 2025, Hamburg (DE)
2016 Yilan Museum of Art (TWN)
2016 Noida International Film Festival (IN)
2016 Laznia, Center for Contemporary Art, Gdansk (PL)
2015 Input/Output – Winner Input/Output award 2015 – CC Brugge (BE)
2015 iMAL, Brussels (BE)
2015 Recyclart, Brussels (BE)
2015 Screening Scholarship Media Festival, University Pennsylvania (US)
2015 Flanders week – Laznia,Center for Contemporary Art, Gdansk (PL)
2015 International Film Festival Rotterdam (NL)
2014 The PICTURE show, New York (US)
2014 Digital Storytelling – Directors Lounge, Berlin (DE)
2014 Pixels of Identities – Museo de Almeria (ES)
2014 Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds, Brussels (BE)
2014 Étranger International Film Festival, Gioia del Colle (IT)
2013 Jonge Turken – C-mine Cultuurcentrum, Genk (BE)
2013 China platform Ugent, Ghent (BE)
2012 URBE – Exhibition in the public space, Brussels (BE)
2012 International Student Film and Video Festival, Beijing (CN)
2012 Sphinx Cinema, Gent (BE)
2012 Cinema Voltaire ‘Das Licht umschreiben’ – St-Lukas, Brussels (BE)
2012 Brussels SF Festival (BE)


2014-18 – Academic assistant (Aïlien Reyns) for the Seminar of Visual
Techniques at the Visual and Digital Cultures Research Center
(VIDI) of the University of Antwerp (BE).

2015 – Artist in residence (Feb-Apr) at Laznia, Center for Contemporary
Art in Gdansk(PL)

2015 – DZIGA Expert Meeting & Filmlab-gathering Nijmegen.

2014 – Selection for the IDFA Doclab Academy in Amsterdam (NL).

2013 – Digital Heritage lab of Oggetti Smarriti in Bari (IT).

2012 – Cinemaster scholarship at the Beijing Film Academy in Beijing (CN).